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Though I have mental health therapy training, due to where we are with the legality of most psychedelics, I describe what I do as providing psychedelic care. My approach is founded on principles of harm reduction and your right to self-determination. I work with beginners and experienced journeyers who are considering a psychedelic experience or have had an experience they need support integrating. 


In addition to having my own relationship with these medicines, I have undergone experiential training in Jamaica and completed two psychedelic facilitation certifications (UC Berkeley & Fluence.) I am based in Oakland, California and also support clients virtually.


My approach typically includes three preparation sessions and two integration sessions.  I also provide individual session-by-session integration for past experiences and ongoing support for clients that I have worked with before. The three preparation sessions are usually spaced about 7-10 days apart, to have time for reflecting, grounding and doing any homework and reflection in between sessions.


Sessions are a full hour. Proper preparation helps clarify your intentions, understand possible risks and benefits, identify supportive practices, and prepare for how your journey might unfold. When it comes to integration, the first of two sessions would take place roughly 48 hours post-journey, and the second, about 7-14 days later.  


**If you’re considering or needing to wean off any medications or substances, please consult with a medical provider first. I can answer questions on this to provide information, but this is something that should be discussed with your PCP before any journey.***


My holistic approach incorporates somatic, emotional, psychological, and spiritual processes, supporting clients in tapping into their own 'innate healing intelligence.' The first part of our work would be around gathering information from which we would then build our sessions around.  I call this phase, Accepting the Call, and it includes screening forms and an autobiographical questionnaire. 


The most important aspect of this work is for guide and journeyer to form a strong therapeutic alliance, which we would explore together if we decide to proceed. I work with a limited number of clients at a time; apologies if I am unavailable for your preferred timeframe. To find out if this might be a suitable fit for your journey, book a free consultation session below.


Fees may be out of reach for some. If so, please email to share a little about your circumstances to explore more accessible options. 

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