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this is a profile pic of Tony Grady Martin, MSW and psychedelic therapist

Tony Martin, MSW, is a former corporate executive whose diverse career spans hospitality, clinical social work, finance, mindfulness and psychedelic therapy. Tony has cultivated an appreciation of fostering unique, supportive, engaging experiences and the art of storytelling. In addition to holding a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Social Work, Tony has completed the Fluence  Advanced Certificate
Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy Progam and UC Berkeley's Psychedelic Facilitation Certificate Program. His experience with non-ordinary states of consciousness spans both psychedelic spaces and long silent meditation retreats. With over 300 days spent in contemplative silence and a decade studying secular mindfulness and Buddhist psychology, Tony's approach to psychedelic care is deeply rooted in personal and professional transformation.

Tony integrates his diverse life experiences, a deepening spiritual practice, evidence-based therapeutic training and an openness and respect for the views and beliefs of others.  Meeting people where they are, his work blends a variety of sources and practices in service of holistically preparing and integrating psychedelic experiences. A social worker at heart, his practice is steeped in inclusivity and compassion. He creates space for every unique journey and supports all on the path to freedom from suffering and increased purpose and meaning-making.


Tony has personally witnessed the transformative power psychedelic experiences hold. He's also witnessed the challenges people face. Everyone should have access to tools for personal development and growth, and these should be based on reducing harm and increasing potential for positive outcomes. Tony's intention is to integrate time-honored wisdom, ethical practice, and the latest therapeutic research to support consciousness exploration and personal growth.​Developing a therapeutic alliance is paramount to this work. It can be challenging to get a feeling for someone from a single posed website pic.  Here are a few of Tony, at different times and places.

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