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It's all about the journey

Imagine a journey through a vast and intricate landscape, where each experience shapes your path forward. Embracing shadows and light, you emerge with newfound clarity, resilience, and a deeper sense of purpose. 


Psychedelic exploration can be both a sacred and therapeutic practice, where plant medicines and entheogens open gateways to deeper realms of healing and understanding. A compassionate and experience psychedelic guide can support your journey to reshaping perspectives, healing mental health, expanding creativity, and promoting spiritual insight and growth. 


Tony's work is driven by a deep sensitivity to the emotional experiences of others and an insatiable curiosity about the human experience. He blends experience in psychotherapy, contemplative practice, and evidence-based psychedelic care  to holistically prepare and integrate psychedelic experiences for individuals, couples and groups,

What is boon?

​A structured approach to supporting psychedelic exploration is important. boon is a compassionate approach to psychedelic care; a fusion of bio-psycho-spiritual elements rooted in ancient wisdom, ethical conduct, collective wisdom, spirituality and evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions. The boon protocol is grounded in a deep understanding of human inner healing intelligence and the systemic nature of suffering. boon supports intentional, self-directed, healing-centered, consciousness exploration, lowering risks and increasing the potential for positive therapeutic outcomes. As a harm-reduction approach, respectful of evolving regulatory boundaries and limitations, boon is for new and experienced journeyers considering psychedelic exploration or who have an experience they need help integrating. 

What is Harm Reduction?

The United States Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. §843c.) prohibits an individual from making a public statement which could be interpreted as seeking or offering to receive, buy, or distribute a Schedule I controlled substance. this does not include statements which advocate for a position or practice, without any attempt to facilitate the buying, selling or transferring of a controlled substance.


As a harm reduction approach, boon understands this to mean that it is not illegal to: 1) Answer questions and provide education about psychedelics 2) Share information and facilitate preparation practices in anticipation of a psychedelic experience, 3) Engage in harm-reduction support for individuals who source their own psychedelic substance, and 4) Discuss and integrate a completed psychedelic experience, as long as this provision of information, education, support and practices in no way, promotes, or facilitates the transaction of a controlled substance.

5 Stages of boon

Accepting the Call

This initial phase is designed to provide potential journeyers with the knowledge, resources, and emotional support needed to make an informed decision about a psychedelic journey. Clients are guided through a series of preparatory sessions that delve into the potential benefits, risks, and complexities of psychedelic exploration, aiming to cultivate a sense of agency, preparedness and informed consent.


The next step involves a deepening understanding of psychedelics and engagement in a collaborative process of "light excavation" of the mind and spirit. You are invited to explore current concerns, hopes, expectations and fears. Resources and discussions are provided around psychedelic preparation, while building a toolkit of strengths, resources, practices and therapeutic grounding exercises. The aim of preparation is to foster a sense of confidence, resilience, and curiosity.


Journey Support 

As your journey nears, we further explore unhelpful psycho-spiritual patterns while spotlighting supportive practices and perspectives. We develop supportive 'set' (mindset) and 'setting' (environment) in the run up to your journey. Nuanced harm-reduction support is tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each person. 

Individual Integration

Post-experience, you will be guided through integration, where insights, revelations, and experiences encountered during a psychedelic journey are recalled, explored and then woven into the fabric of everyday life. You'll engage in reflective exercises, contemplative practices, and interpersonal engagement to foster a deeper understanding and practical application of the psychedelic experience.


Collective Integration

The final phase of boon centers around capturing purpose and the exploration of the potential of something greater than direct experience. We tap into the profound sense of interconnectedness that can accompanies a psychedelic experience, highlighting the importance of community to nourish this connection. On-going work encompasses fostering a lasting sense of belonging, compassion, and insight.

*Bay Area, CA. Virtual sessions everywhere else.

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